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Hi Owen
Just a note to let you know that I saw my heart specialist and he said the EKG showed no evidence of any heart damage. Amazing isn't it!! Life is great. Carol Smith (June 19, 2003)

The following email correspondence documents the effect of the Tower Orthomolecular Labs Heart Technology drink mix formula and the A. C. Grace Unique E brand vitamin E on the heart condition of Ms. Carol Smith of Longview, Washington. Tower's Heart Technology mix provides the high-dose oral vitamin C/lysine therapy recommended by Linus Pauling as a liquid drink. Ms. Smith had two heart attacks, was suffering 'untreatable' Angina-Pectoris, and was told she had a congenital heart defect before she found the web site. Her symptoms were initially corrected on the Tower formula, but she later suffered a relapse, after thinking she had been "cured" and stopping the therapy. Finally, the extraordinary benefit of adding Unique E brand vitamin E, a unique blend of vitamin E (tocopherols) including gamma-tocopherol from A. C. Grace company, was verified by EKG. Several Physicians have verbally reported the dramatic effect of 2000 IU Unique-E on normalizing EKG readings.

Initlal Correspondence: Starting the Pauling Therapy/Tower Heart Technology

Mon Jul 23 11:43:50 CDT 2001

Dear Owen Fonorow

According to the Doctors my main coronary artery is very bad and they can not do a bypass. Two years ago The main artery closed and I had a 2nd heart attack with damage this time. My heart was in the process of doing a bypass on the blockage when the heart attack happened. The Doctors said that was what saved my life but I would have to learn to live with angina for the rest of my life. After taking the Heart Technology for 3 weeks, I have more energy and no chest pains. LIFE IS GREAT. I want that feeling back. I hate chest pains.

I am almost out and have cut down to a tablespoon a day (6 gm vitamin C and lysine) until my next order comes. ( I hope it is soon.) I am dealing with angina again since I cut back on the Tower Heart Technology. I know that it is helping and I was taking 1 heaping Tablespoon every 12 hours. Thank you and advice or suggestions are appreciated.

Carol Smith

Dear Owen,

I woke up this morning with tightness & angina pain in the chest (no fun) This product really does make a difference. Back to the Nitro patches & Nitro pills until I can get on the Heart Technology again.

Fri Aug 3 07:10:03 CDT 2001

Dear Owen,

I really like the new product. It mixes up easier and tastes great. I am so happy to quit taking all those pills. I am hoping that the angina pain and tightness will go away now that I am on the drink mix again. I was out of the drink mix for almost 10 days and the angina came back very bad. I had to go back to using the nitro patches daily and some days the nitro pills. I did buy and start taking the lysine, Vitamin C, & E twice a day per your suggestion, but I still had to use the patches. The pills helped but did not totally do away with the chest pains, tightness.

By the way I called and got the results of the Lp(a) test. I scored a 10 and that was only after being on the Tower Heart Technology for 2 weeks. My Cholesterol is 159 and bad LDL chol is 98. (Doctor is very happy with the results) but they still do not know how to make the angina go totally away. They said I am on as much medicine as they can safely prescribe. I will just have to slow down and live with it. They just don't know about the Tower formula and what good it can do. I am starting to take 2 level teaspoon 3 times daily. Thank you for all your concerns and help.

Carol Smith
Longview, WA 98632

BIG, BIG MISTAKE..."I felt so good I stopped taking the therapy."

March 11, 2003

Dear Owen,

I have some really great news to share with you from my appointment with my Heart specialist. He informed my husband and me that my heart is in better shape now than it was 3 1/2 years ago. He told me to keep doing whatever I was doing because it was working. Guess what I had been doing? Using the Tower Heart Technology (Pauling Therapy) product. It REALLY WORKS.

There was such a great improvement that the doctors who reviewed my file with my specialist were amazed. The damaged main artery that had closed during my 2nd heart attack had opened back up and the doctor said it was no longer damaged and is healthy.

Let me explain, I had my first heart attack 8 1/2 years ago. I was very lucky I was in the hospital when I started having a massive heart attack. The left main artery had a 90% blockage and decided to close, when they had stabilized me, they performed a Heart catheterization. It must have been serious enough because the next thing I knew I was in an ambulance being transfered to the best Heart hospital in the area. They performed the balloon process and then had to (rotor-rooter) the calcified blockage. Three weeks later scar tissue formed and the blockage came back and I started having terrible chest pains.

I was brought back in and they ran some more tests and the Doctor informed me that the Left artery was so bad that they could not do a bypass. He said we needed a miracle and to start praying, that it was in God's hands and I needed to get my affairs in order and that I that approximately one year or less to live. I got my miracle. My heart started doing a bypass around the blockage by creating collaterals (tiny veins).

Three and 1/2 years later on June 5, 1999, I had my 2nd heart attack, but because my heart was in the process of completing the bypass around the left main artery blockage, the Doctor told me that was what had saved my life. I had all these collaterals providing blood to my artery.

It was at this point in my life that I found the Tower Heart Technology product (based on Paulings recommendations.) It has made all the difference in the world. After taking the Tower Heart Technology for 3 weeks, I no longer had any chest pains and I also had more energy and I was feeling great.

Well don't make the mistake that I made. I was feeling so great and memory of the heart attack and chest pains had vanished. I could do everything I had been able to do before the heart attacks so I stopped using the Heart Technology product.. Big Big mistake.

On 1/24/03 I had my 3rd heart attack. I had been doing really great while I was on the Tower Heart formula and I truly believe that if I had continued to take the Heart Technology I never would have had this 3rd heart attack.

Since my last heart attack, I have been in and out of the hospital with chest pains not able to go back to work, tired all the time, taking lots of medicines and wearing Nitro patches 20 hours a day and taking oxygen when needed for the chest pains. The doctors found that I had 2 blockages and I was put on a waiting list for a Medical Stent . THE DOCTORS SAID THAT WAS MY ONLY OPTION. From my research Medical Stents are not the answer. The Heart Technology products are.

Well I am now back on the Tower Heart Technology product it has only taken 3 weeks, the chest pains have stopped, I have energy, I have stopped using the nitro patches and oxygen and I have returned to work 20 hours a week. I am now on a low fat diet and exercising on our treadmill 1 to 2 miles a day and NO CHEST PAINS. This product really works!!!!! and I will never ever stop using it again.

Owen, you and Dr. Linus Pauling's recommendations/Tower Heart Technology product have saved my life.

Thank you
Carol Smith
Longview, WA 98632

Recent Update, Kidney Stones and the Unique-E Story

April 2003

Dear Owen

I thought I would also let you know how things are going. When I first starting taking all 3 Tower products (Heart Technology, Ascorsine-9 and AntiAging Technology) I had no problems until about 3/4 the way thru the first shipment. but now I can't really figure out a solution. I never had this problem when I was just on the Heart Technology product. When I take 1 Tablespoon of the Ascorsine-9 (more Co-Q10, with taurine and vitamin B6) in the morning, and 2 teaspoons of the HT in the evening, and 2 heaping teaspoons of the AA at bedtime. I get diarrhea and lots of gas.

I stopped taking anything for 2 days and the diarrhea & gas stopped and then I started all over again and the diarrhea and gas started again. I have tried different combinations for the last 2 weeks and have found that I can take 2 teaspoons of the HT and 2 teaspoon of the AA and have no diarrhea just a little gas.

I really believe in what we are doing and I have scheduled another appointment in 3 months and I will have a EKG done. I am hoping to prove that this works. I had decided I could live with the diarrhea and gas if I could win the war against the heart damage.

But Sunday I ended up in the Hospital with unbearable pain in my side and lower back. You guess it: I had Kidney stones. Never had them before and never want them again in this lifetime.

Doctor implied that they were cause by either something I was taking or because I had been having diarrhea. I didn't discuss with him anything I was doing, just that yes I had had a bout of diarrhea.

By the way I just love the Anti-Aging drink mix. It tastes great and my blood pressure has never been better. Every morning my pressure is around 105/58 74 and when I have stopped for a couple of days my pressure is 138/76 88 to 149/85 98.

I am also taking 4 Unique E and 2 LifeForce (Source Naturals) multi-vitamin every morning



P.S. I have received emails from a few more people, asking about my testimonial and I really enjoy emailing back and forth and giving people hope.

EKG Reversal on Unique-E

June 19, 2003

Hi Owen

Just a note to let you know that I saw my heart specialist and he said the EKG showed no evidence of any heart damage. Amazing isn't it!! You were right. I will email you more later, have to leave for work in a few minutes. Life is great.

Carol Smith

P.S. Have had no more problems with kidney stones.


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